Information in Action

As our environment is increasingly pervaded by digital networks, sensors, and connected mobile and embedded devices, enormous amounts of data are being generated, capable of revealing new insights into people’s interactions with and within such digitally augmented spaces. Information derived from this data is tightly connected to its social, physical and spatiotemporal context and increasingly, information is becoming material, and matter informational in this perspective.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that information is, in important ways, material, and matter is informational.”
–Mark Taylor

The ‘Information in action’ initiative investigates this changing condition and experiments with new approaches for the conceptualization and the design of tools for interaction with and within networked cities.


Kristian Kloeckl, director
Patrick Dawson
Bianca Rabbie
Zuozheng Zhong
Sumin Lim
Eric Lord
Anastasia Leopold

Past Members:
Arushi Singh
Jeffrey Weng
Mavez Dabas
Peyton Tiroff
Yuecan Fan
Corey Hoard
Camden Phalen
Jennifer Heintz