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City of Quincy Welcome Center

In preparation of the 400 year anniversary of the settlement of the City of Quincy, InformationInAction carried out extensive stakeholder research, concept development, and designed the interior space, information design and holistic visitor experience for the City’s new Welcome Center.


Trails Connect | Quarry Trail

Trail survey and GPS-based digital trail publication to help bring an important green trail back into public visibility. Improving the findability, legibility, and walkability of this trail creates a walking connection to the Blue Hills Reservation hiking trail network for residents of an entire urban neighborhood.


Legible City Initiative

Ongoing collaboration with the City of Quincy on a comprehensive Legible City Initiative. The high level objective is multifold. On one hand, to…


Data Browser

The Data Browser project focuses on the development of a software tool for the visual exploration and manipulation of large data sets and real time data streams. Multiple data sets and streams from heterogeneous sources and very different in nature can be connected, processed and visualized…


Visual Explorations of Urban Mobility

In collaboration with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority we have developed a number of interactive visual applications to explore the wealth of information concealed in some of the mobility data generated throughout the island…


LIVE Singapore!

Cities are awash in data generated in real time in numerous ways but often not accessible to residents seeking to make decisions. The LIVE Singapore! project addresses this through the development of an urban real time data platform capable of collecting, processing, and visualizing…



The AgriPod project valorizes the intrinsic characteristics of locally farmed produce by giving consumers a visible access to the comprehensive information on origin…


Folio Urban Furniture Series

This urban furniture project was developed for Italian reinforced concrete specialist company Pircher. All elements of the collection are developed using concrete in…


NYTE | New York Talk Exchange

New York Talk Exchange (NYTE) explores how a global city such as New York connects with cities around the world by visualizing long distance telephone and IP (Internet Protocol) data flows in real time. Questions that drive the exploration are: How does the city…


Unes Retail Design

A multi-year work as part of my tenure with Format/Interstore  to develop the retail store format, interior, furniture and information design for the…

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From lamp-hours to smart meters

Much attention is today focused on ways to valorize data generated by urban systems and infrastructures supported by networked digital technologies. To this…