City of Quincy Welcome Center

Year: 2024 | Location: Quincy (MA), USA | Type: Public | Client: City of Quincy

In preparation of the 400 year anniversary of the settlement of the City of Quincy, InformationInAction carried out extensive stakeholder research, concept development, and designed the interior space, information design and holistic visitor experience for the City’s new Welcome Center.

A 900 sqft walkable map of the City highlighting its many attractions and the Presidents Trail urban walking trail. The map has a real-world orientation and every step inside the center quite literally becomes a step towards exploring the urban space.

To greet and engage its youngest visitors, the Welcome Center hosts a wooden train landscape sporting miniature Quincy Center, Quincy Adams, and North Quincy train stations. Children can drive the trains through the Blue Hills or along Wollaston Beach. The back-lit photo wall welcomes visitors to some of the City’s main attractions and provides walking distances and references to the location on the city map.

A nine panel gallery along the window front serves both visitors inside the center as well as passersby on the outside. The panels are lit and viewable also after hours, turning the center into an urban gallery viewable at all times.


Research, Concept, Design
Information in Action

City of Quincy Team
Bob Damon, Department of Historic and Heritage Resources
Dagny Ashley, Department of Tourism
Paul Hines, Department of Public Buildings
Jacquelin Devin and Steven Washburn, GIS Team

Fabrication and Manufacturing Partners
Jaywalk, Furniture and Media Panels
Speedpro, Floor and Wall Prints
Emeco, Furniture
Leland, Furniture
Camman Lighting, Lighting
Reflex Lighting, Lighting