Legible City Initiative

Ongoing collaboration with the City of Quincy on a comprehensive Legible City Initiative. The high level objective is multifold. On one hand, to improve ways in which residents and visitors find and find out about places of interest and of opportunity that exist in the city’s territory. On the other, create and enhance feedback loops through which the municipal administration learns about citizen interests, needs, and desires. A third objective is to enhance inter-departmental exchange and coordination with a citizen-centric focus. Finally, these three objects are understood as dynamic and as a constantly evolving system.

In this way, the Legible City Initiative consists first and foremost in soft infrastructure, leveraging information tools and technologies for information exchange. This is supported and enhanced through targeted interventions of hard infrastructure such as wayfinding signage and placemaking interventions.

The term legible city is not new but was coined by Kevin Lynch and discussed in his seminal work “The Image of the City” (1960).