SmartBand | Wearable and Ambient Interaction for Thermal Baths

This design concept developed for Austrian company SkiData leverages wearable and responsive ambient technologies in thermal bath resorts to enable novel interactive experiences for visitors.

Based on a wearable band equipped with embedded RFID tag, a visitor can trigger and interact with various installations throughout the thermal bath resort landscape through reader devices embedded in existing objects. Proximity is the sole requirement for interaction, leaving the visual bath environment unaltered despite the technology integration. The aim is to enable an engaging and individual interaction with various water-based features, keeping the technology components in the background and the human-water experience in the foreground.


The concept for the smartband system is based on an analysis of existing facilities and infrastructure, technology feasibilities, and opportunities to enhance and enrich visitor experience.


Based on the concept seven scenarios were developed that guided the development of the system

Product System

Finally, a produce system was developed to enable the above scenarios and create concrete opportunities to realize the values identified in the concept.