Retail Experience Design | Colors and Surfaces

Design of an experiential retail format for store franchise Nordwal, a company that offers various types of paint and surface treatments for interior spaces in Italy. Rather than using up precious store area for cans of paint as is typically done in paint stores, we developed a format that transforms the retail space into a hands-on showcase inviting clients to experiment for themselves with the different color products, surface treatments, and color combinations. The format makes extensive use of movable color swatches and material samples available on displays for clients to touch, test, and handle.

The display furniture elements are rearrangeable to allow for flexible store use also for workshops and other training events. The canned paint products are located in a separate storage space and brought out by retail staff once a decision has been made. The project was part of my tenure with Format/Schweitzer Interstore in Italy.

Kristian Kloeckl
Alessandro Righi