Unes Retail Design

A multi-year work as part of my tenure with Format/Interstore  to develop the retail store format, interior, furniture and information design for the retail corporation Unes, part of the Finiper group operating in northern Italy. The store fittings were manufactured and installed by Schweitzer/Interstore.

The following two store layouts were developed. Layout A follows the principle of chevroning that positions shelves at an angle other than the traditional 90 degree layout to increase visibility, help orientation and facilitate exploration. The company chose to proceed with the more conventional Layout B for the first store in Desenzano but elements from Layout A were deployed in later format implementations.

Store layout A

Store layout B

Photos of the first retail format implementation at the Unes store in Desenzano

Furniture family

As part of the project a comprehensive furniture and tool family was developed that was deployed in several successive store renovations.

Project Team

Kristian Kloeckl, Alessandro Righi